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What to look for in a branding agency as a scale-up?

You are in the scaling phase with your start-up and are therefore now facing many new challenges. As a scale-up, building or further developing the brand with a long-term brand strategy is essential for your success. But which branding agency is the right partner for your scale-up and what should you look for when choosing one? That’s what this article is about.

The right branding agency for your scale-up

If you have already started looking for an agency, you will certainly find a large selection on Google. In addition to a large number of full-service agencies, you will also find many branding agencies that offer their support for your brand. But which one is the right one?

The problem with full-service agencies

Sure, it’s tempting to have someone on your side who promises to make it all happen for you. Whether it’s creating your own website, a logo and corporate design, public relations, photo shoots, advertising and marketing, or building a brand, they offer you it all. The problem with this is that no one can do it all. This is because a full service provider will never be a specialist in one area, but will have a general knowledge of everything.

For one company or another, this may be the right solution and thus exactly meet the need. But when it comes to building a strong brand in the long run, you should work with a branding agency that specializes in that.

 Not all branding agencies are the same

If you are specifically looking for a branding agency, there are big differences there as well. Many agencies that call themselves branding agencies often mean the development of a logo or a corporate design/brand design. Of course, these are elements that are part of branding, but their focus is on the visual communication of the brand.

The branding agency you should choose specializes in developing brand strategies. They will go in depth with you and address questions like:

01 // What is our position in the market?

02 //
 Who are we? What do we do and why is this important?

03 //
 How do we communicate internally and externally?

04 //
 Who is your brand for and who is it not for?

05 //
 What goals should be achieved with the brand?

06 //
 How should customers and employees talk about our brand?

07 //
 What experiences do you want people to have with your brand?

This list can be continued, but it should show you that the development and building of a brand is much more profound.

What you should look for in an appointment

Choose a branding agency that specializes in developing a brand strategy. If they also offer visual communication in addition to the strategy, this can be a great advantage for you, since the defined strategy is transported through the design, i.e. the visual communication. However, make sure that the strategic part is the focus of the branding agency. For all other services you should call in other agencies that are specialists in their field.

Of course, this is not as convenient as someone who offers you everything from one source, but it’s about the success of your scale-up and for that you need the right partners on your side. So once you’ve found a branding agency for your scale-up, make an appointment and be sure to ask them how they can help you strategically. The agency should be all about you, what your goals are and whether they can help you achieve them.

You should definitely steer clear of consultants or agencies that use buzzwords to tell you everything you need to do during the first meeting without really knowing your scale-up. Your scale-up is unique, just like your business idea and your brand. Allow for deep questions so you feel like you’re not just talking to a consultant. But with someone who is like your personal coach, who asks you even uncomfortable questions. Who guides you, is solution-oriented and accompanies you on the way to scaling.

A brand strategy is the key to success, what your brand is built on for the long term. It shows the way for your scale-up and your employees. In addition, it enables you to attract new customers as well as loyal customers for whom your brand is the right one. Therefore, work with a specialized branding agency that knows how to develop a brand strategy. Not a generalist full-service agency that will misguide you in the worst case.

More branding tips for your scale-up?

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Marcel Schubert ist Brand Strategist und CEO der disruptiven Branding Agentur burnt GmbH.
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