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Why is branding so important today?

Everyone is talking about branding today and how important it is to be a brand today. The question to be answered today is why it is so important today.

Here is a short list

01 // Customers have too much choice today, an oversupply in a very fast paced world.

02 // Many offerings today have very similar quality and similar features

03 // People tend to make purchase decisions based on trust

04 // People orient themselves by symbolic attributes and which family of people, who also buy the brand, they want to belong to

05 // They have a sense, a gut feeling about which brand offers the best experience

Marty Neumeier also said that people tend to judge 10% of companies by what they say and 60% by what they deliver. So the question is: How can you optimize the value of your own brand with your business? How can you live up to the above?

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Marcel Schubert ist Brand Strategist und CEO der disruptiven Branding Agentur burnt GmbH.
Marcel Schubert
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