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Our branding sprint
Be the yellow dot.
Be the yellow dot.
"A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is."
Marty Neumeier

The brand.
Newly developed.

According to brand expert Marty Neumeier, "A brand is not what you say it is. It’ s what they say it is." And he’s right, because a brand is created in the mind. However, without a brand strategy this brand positioning is left to chance. Which is best avoided - instead, you should take things into your own hands. If you know what factors are relevant for your target group, the brand can be built and appropriately positioned in an agile manner. 

Our process starts with brand positioning. Inspired by Design Sprint 2.0 and design thinking, during an intensive developmental process we develop the brand strategy and a brand prototype with you. Your target group will put the prototype through its paces. In an agile process, we develop brands that consumers really want, thereby saving time, money and increasing your chances of success many times over.

Traditional process
6 to 12 months

Our branding sprint
condensed into 4 days

This is how we
develop brands


Fixed price and
brand prototype 

Package price without additional costs

  • 10 days of preparation
  • 4 days branding sprint
  • 4 days of development
  • Package price for 3-8 participants
  • Target group interviews
  • Target group tests

Brand prototype –
you receive a concept

  • Validated brand strategy
  • Documentation for  further development
  • Business and target group  solutions
  • Brand message (purpose, voice, attributes)
  • Brand design concept
  • Key touchpoints

New brand or further development? Our branding sprint

Day 1
Business to Customer
Business to Customer
  • Define and prioritize
    company goals
  • USP, refine niche
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors
  • Insights through target group interviews
Day 2
Business to Brand
Business to Brand
  • Develop solutions for the target group and link them to corporate goals
  • Prioritize brand touchpoints and develop user stories
  • Define the brand message (purpose, mission, voice)
  • Define brand values
  • Develop a brand statement
  • Develop positioning
Day 3
Brand Prototype
Brand Prototype
  • 3x brand design concepts
  • 3x key touchpoints
  • Brand & customer identity
  • Brand message, product/service
Day 4
Customer Test
Customer Test
  • Brand prototype is tested by the target group
  • Does the target group feel understood and addressed by the brand?
  • Does the brand solve the problems?
  • Is the brand clearly positioned in relation to competitors?
  • Would you buy the brand and recommend it to others?
  • Would you want to remain loyal to the brand?
  • What is the brand experience like?
  • Feedback discussion with the testers

Just 4 days?
What's the next step?

Our work doesn’t stop after the 4 days. With the valuable feedback from the target group, we work a further 4 days internally to optimize the brand prototype. We analyze the user feedback in detail. What works and what is unclear? We work the feedback into the brand prototype. Optionally, the users can then test the brand prototype again.

Ultimately, you will receive a validated brand strategy, which you can use to further develop the positioning, brand design and brand experience in a targeted manner. So you can be as certain as possible about your brand launch.

Do you want to take your brand to the next level?