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With over 20 years of experience in brand development, we know exactly how brands need to be developed. We have defined this in a fixed process.

What your brand doesn't need is another agency advising you on what you need for your brand or which marketing strategies will lead you to success. Because the point is that we don't know what you need because we don't know who your target audience is. The target audience of 30-50 years old, male or female doesn't exist and will never exist. This is the reason why so many companies fail in their brand building, because they don't know who exactly their target group is and what is really relevant for them.

Marty Neumeier writes in his book "THE BRAND GAP" that consumers today decide what significance your brand has. So they decide on the success of your brand. This is nothing new, but today a lot of companies still tend to develop strategies with their consulting agencies from the inside view and also to decide from the inside view. It often doesn't take long before they disappear from the market or return to the old positioning in the event of a repositioning.

Our goal is clear: We want to become the pioneers of new brand development, to inspire others with our approach so that old processes become a thing of the past. Because we want to create disruptive brands that improve people's lives so much that there is no other alternative for them.

With our Brand Strategy Sprint® and the Branding Sprint®, we develop your brand in direct exchange with your target group. In addition, we describe ourselves as a "disruptive" branding agency, because brands have to radically differentiate themselves in a crowded market and, as we put it, we have to become a yellow dot. After all, the next competitor is always just a click away. With our Brand Strategy Sprint® we've created a process which tests new bold ideas, validates them by your target group and creates certainty that this idea can be successful on the market. This is how we burn(t) non-target-oriented ideas which have no relevance and still ensure in the sprint that we work out the right positioning together.

That's why, as a branding agency, we don't tell you what you need, but we offer you the Brand Strategy Sprint® to find out where you stand and what you need or what your target group wants and lacks. Only when we start with the Branding Sprint® do we, as well as you, know what you need and what your marketing, design and advertising should look like so that they don't fall into the void.

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5 reasons for your brand 
We don't just implement. We listen and ask a lot of questions to achieve your goals.
We're highly specialized, solve problems and develop brands which consumers want.
We're in contact with brand experts worldwide to do the best for you.
We never stand still. We live brands and constantly take part in training courses.
Over 20 years of experience. We know exactly what to do and we're looking for the best solution for you.

Level C – Certified
Brand Specialist

We're certified by Marty Neumeier and we've adopted a lot of approaches in our Brand Strategy Sprint® and Branding Sprint®.
Die deutsche Fassung von The Brand Gap inkl. neuem Vorwort von Marty Neumeier und Marcel Schubert.
Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier's
German Version

The Brand Gap has been read over 25 million times, making it one of Marty Neumeier's most successful books. Together with Marty we worked on the German edition, with its own preface, which is aimed at the German-speaking market.

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