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Living brands. Without borders.

Every brand has a story, and so do we. But our story isn't primarily about us, it's more about people like you and how we can create great brands with you.

So the question is: Why does BURNT exist and why should you care?

Because your brand should be different, alive and most importantly successful. Your brand needs to be limitless. Successful brands are not developed at the management level, where hierarchies prevail. Successful brands are not developed by self-absorbed full service agencies with smart advice, buzzwords and experts who are qualified to build a brand (from their point of view).

But with people like you.

Your brand should not allow the usual, what everyone in your industry expects. That's why we thought about how to position your brand differently, quickly, relevantly and therefore successfully. The result is a process that surpasses traditional brand development methods and is designed so that any person can understand it and help develop the brand. And this is the key. Brands that are successful are OTHER! But they weren't developed by strategic leadership or an agency that tells you what to do from the start. No, these brands are created by people like you.

The strategic part is important, but it too often outweighs and limits your brand. But your brand should be limitless, different, disruptive. No boundaries means allowing new and courageous ideas and involving your customers to create something new with them. Therefore, the right balance between strategy and bold creativity is the key. BURNT was founded to leave the familiar together with our own ideas to create brands that improve people's lives.

Every person is valuable to your brand. It can be your co-founders:inside, someone from marketing, sales, reception even the person who at first glance seems unsuitable for building your brand. All of them are creative and have ideas that we haven't thought of before. We just need a place where these ideas have space, so that this creativity paired with strategy creates something unique.

That's why we developed the Brand Strategy Sprint® and the Branding Sprint® for you. They help you to develop your brand in a different, fast and focused way together with us as your partner, your team and your customers. Because successful brands are created by people for people.

Our vision and the change we want to see is clear: living brands without borders.

Be the yellow dot.

Belief and values
Disruptive & Borderless

We believe that you and every other person, no matter what position or gender in the profession can help shape a brand. This is how vibrant brands are created today that are new, bold, different and willing to push boundaries.

We believe that by using simple language, everyone can understand the goal and process of building a brand.

We don't tell you what you need. Together, we find out which strategy is right for your brand. Together in direct exchange with your customers in a safe environment.

Level C – Certified
Brand Specialist

We're certified by Marty Neumeier and we've adopted a lot of approaches in our Brand Strategy Sprint® and Branding Sprint®.

Scale-up.NRW Partner

We are a partner of Scale-up.NRW, where we provide mentoring and expert support to scaling start-ups.
Die deutsche Fassung von The Brand Gap inkl. neuem Vorwort von Marty Neumeier und Marcel Schubert.
Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier's
German Version

The Brand Gap has been read over 25 million times, making it one of Marty Neumeier's most successful books. Together with Marty, we worked on the German edition, including our own foreword, which is aimed at the German-speaking market and your start-up.

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