Brand Strategy Sprint

The first Brand Strategy which offers you security

No more old brand development processes which take too much time! And then you don't even know if you'll succeed at all. Your time is just as valuable as your financial investment. Do you want security? With our Brand Strategy Sprint® we'll give it to you.

One process.
4 weeks.

A brand strategy in 4 weeks? Can that even be true? Yes! Because the Brand Strategy Sprint® is a focused process which focuses on the important things and at the same time turns your team into "brand makers".

Real customer

You get to know your customers authentically and honestly, and they get to know you, because we talk to them directly. No theoretical constructs, but real practice. In personal interviews, we get to know your customers and gain valuable insights that are important for the success of your brand strategy.

Your brand is
their new brand

In the Brand Strategy Sprint® we work out how your brand will communicate in the future and bring it directly together with your customers. Together, we develop new solutions to make your brand appealing and visible to them and set you apart from your competitors.

I like that!
Testing and feedback.

"The brand is different. I like it!" The Brand Strategy Sprint® is the first brand strategy that provides your brand with direct feedback from your customers. Through this feedback, we are able to understand if the desired perception of your brand matches the perception of your customers. You position your brand so that it can grow. More security is not possible.


Your Brand Strategy Sprint in detail

Week 01
Week 02
Week 03
Week 04
Is the Brand Strategy Sprint right for me?
What then?
What happens after the
Brand Strategy Sprint?

After the Brand Strategy Sprint®, we move on to our second process, the Branding Sprint®. This translates your brand strategy directly into marketing, brand design and all the required touchpoints for your brand.

"A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is."
Marty Neumeier
Voices of brands
"It was a complete success!”

"We took part in the Brand Strategy Sprint with our StartUp Teambrid and it was a complete success! A very competent and relaxed team. The cooperation was great fun and we'd come back to work with burnt GmbH any time!"

Clarrisa Eichenauer, Teambrid

It's inspiring to see how burnt approaches new tasks. I'm always impressed by the results and I love how they move the project forward.

Marco Berg, MHK Group
"Structured and targeted!”

The cooperation was extremely structured and targeted as part of the re-establishment of our CrossFit Box. When creating our own first brand, we went through a defined and thought-out process together with the experts. Since we're newbies in the field of branding, the clear structure was a big help.

Gerrit Hüls, Crossfit Pottbox