Brand Strategy Sprint Case Study

Teambrid is your virtual office platform of the future.

Remote work is the new normal. The goal was to develop a disruptive brand strategy with the Brand Strategy Sprint® Remote together with the founders of Teambrid. We have received many exciting insights from their target group, which have significantly helped us in positioning the brand.


Discovery Workshop

The aim of the Brand Strategy Sprint® was to develop a clear, disruptive positioning with a clear message for the start-up, so that Teambrid's target group feels addressed. 

We started the Discovery Workshop in the first week to prepare the Brand Strategy Sprint®. Together we have defined the actual and target status of Teambrid and worked out the characteristics of the ideal customer for your product.


Target Group

Through the Discovery Workshop, we knew exactly who the ideal target group of Teambrid was and invited people to the Brand Strategy Sprint® based on the profiles developed. 

We asked the people about their everyday life as well as their needs and challenges at work. Together with Teambrid, we have gained an even better understanding as well as valuable insights which serve as a working basis in the Brand Strategy Sprint®.


Brand Strategy Sprint

Together with Teambrid, we analyzed all the insights from the target group interviews and developed the first possible solutions in the Brand Strategy Sprint® for how our brand could communicate so that the target group not only feels addressed by it with the right communication, but also how we can present the product and its advantages.


Brand Identity

We developed initial solutions on how the brand can offer a good service in the future based on the insights from the interviews and got to the bottom of the identity of the new brand. We developed the vision, mission and purpose as well as the values which the new start-up would like to represent with the brand in the future.

The values are:
Groundbreaking, charming, lively and fresh

In addition, we developed a "brand statement" in the sprint. It shows us what position the new brand should take in the future.

Brand Statement:

"Teambrid offers the virtual office platform of the future to those who are open to progress and are looking for a journey with a groundbreaking voice. They will help you to feel alive and develop a strong sense of teamwork."


Brand Design & Prototyp 1

After we worked out the brand identity and its personality, we began to research and develop ideas on how the new brand can communicate visually through the design, so that the brand's identity becomes visible through it. The two founders had a clear idea of how they would like to communicate with their brand to the outside world. 

It was supposed to be colorful, vivid and worked with illustrations, as they wanted to stand out strongly with the new brand.
So we developed the first brand prototype together, which we wanted to test in three different versions. It included the Brand Story, the Brand Identity, the Product and the Brand Design.

Time to test – we were very curious about the feedback from the target group.

A few of the most important statements were:

"Teambrid's message can and should be put in the foreground."

"The design doesn't appeal to me very much now. I like cleaner designs. But the concept of Teambrid appeals to me a lot."

The Brand Strategy Sprint® has fulfilled its purpose. Through the direct feedback of the target group, we learned that the product features, the message and the story behind Teambrid need to be more in the foreground. In addition, the design didn't meet with approval, so we had to choose a different path for the next test.


Brand-Prototyp 2

First we analyzed the feedback from the first test together with Teambrid and then we asked ourselves how we could incorporate the feedback into the next brand prototype. We decided to choose a new direction in the design and responded to the increased statements to make the design clearer. 

In addition, we have further developed the history of the brand in order to understand how much the target group feels addressed by it. We also tried to communicate the product more clearly. Our goal was to use the second brand prototype to get an answer to whether Teambrid's positioning in this direction should be further developed and how relevant the product actually is for the target group.

Time to test the second brand prototype.

Here's an excerpt from the feedback:

"Really good leap forward compared to the last concept."

"Tidy and uniform look & feel. I like it very much."

"I like the address very much and it also fits the product."

"The overall picture fits the way I was allowed to get to know you. It appeals to me a lot."

"Some texts are too long for me. I'd rather it was shorter and got to the point faster."

The feedback from the target group confirmed that we're on the right track and that we've also received other valuable feedback, like that a lot of testers prefer shorter texts. Teambrid then received a documentation and a validated brand strategy, which they use today as the basis for the internal further development of the brand.

Podcast episode with Teambrid

Want to learn more about the project? Listen to the podcast episode with Teambrid (formerly WEmode) to learn even more details about the joint project and the challenges it faced. (German)

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