Branding for Scale-ups

With your team and your customers to a living brand. Without borders.

We are your disruptive branding agency, helping your start-up, which is about to scale, to position your brand faster and - through direct exchange with your own customers - securely and successfully.

Be the yellow dot ist das Statement der burnt GmbH.
Be the yellow dot.
The Change

Ready to scale as a strong brand to make a difference?

Have you made it through the initial phase as a start-up and know your product-market fit? Then we are not only your branding agency, but also the right partner for you, because together with you and your team we will position your start-up quickly, focused and above all differently. You want to change something.

So do we, because together with your vision we create a strong brand so that the right people find you, enthusiastically tell others about your brand and become part of your community.


Leaving the familiar together and crossing borders

Brands that leave the familiar and cross boundaries are those with a strong community. They share the same values, have the same worldview, and are loyal to the brand. Your brand can do the same. Together as a team.

Because brands like this aren't brought to life by executive levels or full service agencies. They are created by people like you. Open for new things, the desire to change something. In other words, a brand by people for people.

Your customers give you clarity and space for new ideas

Unique positioning requires a lot of courage. That's why we've created two processes for positioning your brand together in a safe environment. Everyone can participate and no idea is bad or too exaggerated how your brand could be different.

Because together means not only us and your team, but also your customers. They are an important part and accompany us with important comments and valuable feedback during the development of your brand.

How we start with your brand and how you become the yellow dot between the many blue ones, you will learn in our first step: The Brand Strategy Sprint®.

"A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is."
Marty Neumeier
Die deutsche Fassung von The Brand Gap inkl. neuem Vorwort von Marty Neumeier und Marcel Schubert.
Marty Neumeier
Marty Neumeier's
German Version

The Brand Gap has been read over 25 million times, making it one of Marty Neumeier's most successful books. Together with Marty we worked on the German edition, with its own preface, which is aimed at the German-speaking market.

Is the Brand Strategy Sprint right for me?
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Voices of brands
"It was a complete success!”

"We took part in the Brand Strategy Sprint with our StartUp Teambrid and it was a complete success! A very competent and relaxed team. The cooperation was great fun and we'd come back to work with burnt GmbH any time!"

Clarrisa Eichenauer, Teambrid

It's inspiring to see how burnt approaches new tasks. I'm always impressed by the results and I love how they move the project forward.

Marco Berg, MHK Group
"Structured and targeted!”
Gerrit Hüls, Crossfit Pottbox

The cooperation was extremely structured and targeted as part of the re-establishment of our CrossFit Box. When creating our own first brand, we went through a defined and thought-out process together with the experts. Since we're newbies in the field of branding, the clear structure was a big help.

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