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How startups don’t fail
Again and again we read why start-ups fail today. But the much more important question is how startups don't fail today. What can you do to have the highest chance of success with your startup and scale? We would like to introduce you to a few ways that won't give you a guarantee, but will increase your chances of success many times over.
Are you testing your brand?
The question "Are you testing your brand?" does not mean whether you are personally testing your own brand, but whether you are testing the further development of the brand on your target group.
A better brand experience through your employees
Have you ever entered a store and been disappointed by the behavior of the staff? Maybe they were not as attentive as you would have liked, were unfriendly and did not present what you expected from the brand before you entered the store. You'll probably never enter the store again.
In 4 steps to a disruptive brand
Positioning yourself successfully as a brand is essential today. But where should you start and which strategy is the right one to position yourself successfully? We would like to introduce you to our self-developed brand model and show you how we develop a brand disruptively in 4 steps.
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In 4 steps to a disruptive brand

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