Branding Books

Marty Neumeier
THE BRAND GAP German Version

The Brand Gap has been read over 25 million times, making it one of Marty Neumeier’s most successful books. Together with Marty we worked on the German edition, with its own preface, which is aimed at the German-speaking market.

Marty Neumeier
The Brand Gap

The original English version by Marty Neumeier has been read over 25 million times and is considered one of the must-reads in brand development.

Marty Neumeier

The book Zag by Marty Neumeier goes deeper into differentiation after The Brand Gap. Another must-read, whose core statements we very much take into account in our processes.

Marty Neumeier
The Designful Company

After The Brand Gap and Zag, this book deals in more detail with design thinking and prototypes in order to develop a company in an innovative way.

Marty Neumeier
The Brand Flip

Brands have to rethink today, because these days consumers no longer buy brands, they join brands. Another book by Marty Neumeier which we recommend.

Simon Sinek
Start with why

You’ve probably already heard about Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle. We recommend that you find your own „why“ in relation to this book in order to determine your own brand purpose.

Jacob Benbunan, Gabor Schreier, Benjamin Knapp
Disruptive Branding

We live in an age of constant change. Therefore, the strengths and authenticity of brands have become more important today than ever before. But can do you manage to be successful? This book provides the answer for a disruptive brand development so that you can adapt to the change.

Allan Dib
The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Good marketing requires a plan. Because without a plan, it will be difficult to achieve your goals. In his book, Allan Dib presents how to create a one-page marketing plan with a focus on the essentials.

Alina Wheeler
Designing Brand Identity

The book by Alina Wheeler holistically depicts the process for the development of a brand. It also explains the differences between branding and marketing.

Marty Neumeier

Interested in another book? This business thriller by Marty Neumeier tells the story of the young CEO David Stone. He has only five weeks to develop a new strategy before he loses his job. Marty bundles the books The Brand Gap, Zag, The Designful Company and The Brand Flip into one exciting story.

K.L. Hammond

The categories Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Brand Development are covered in detail in this book. This book is a kind of roadmap on how to develop your brand piece by piece.

Michael Johnson
Branding in five and a half steps

This book includes many methods of brand development. In addition to the high-quality workmanship, the book is persuasive with numerous examples and will make sure you have a guide for your own brand to hand.

Jeremy Miller
Sticky Branding

How can we stand out with our company, attract customers and become an incredible brand? Jeremy Miller describes how you can achieve this with your brand in 12.5 guiding principles.

Seth Godin
This is Marketing

Seth Godin has not only already published many well-known books, but also publishes a daily blog post on his website. This book explains what marketing is today and shows what many companies are still doing wrong today.

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