Branding Sprint Case Study

Crossfit Pottbox is like having a second family.

For Crossfit Pottbox, it was clear that they didn't want to be just any crossfit box. From the very beginning, the founders attached great importance to a close and personal exchange with their target group, so it was our goal to position the Crossfit Pottbox brand with this approach with our Brand Strategy Sprint® and Branding Sprint®.


Brand Strategy Sprint

It all started with the Brand Strategy Sprint®, with which we prioritized important goals for Crossfit Pottbox, filtered out the brand characteristics and were able to develop solutions based on the insights of the target group. We found out that a lot of women feel uncomfortable in gyms. Some felt creeped on, others didn't like to exercise alone. This is exactly where we wanted to start.


Branding Sprint

After the Brand Strategy Sprint® we started with the Branding Sprint®. Within the Branding Sprint®, we worked out prioritized contact points such as the logo, corporate design and website and also tested them in individual stages. In addition, we worked out the communication and message of the new brand together, which includes three sentences:

• We achieve your goals!
• We make you strong!
• We're by your side!

This should be noticeable across all the touchpoints of the brand and should also be visually visible through the design. Crossfit is very performance-active and we set ourselves the task of reflecting this in the design. The typical crossfit lime powder should be incorporated into the visual language and combined with the complementary colors to create a strong, high-energy look.

The logo, developed as a wordmark, associates movement and clarity and thus blends harmoniously into the overall picture. Through the usual testing of the individual elements and touchpoints of the brand and valuable feedback from the target group, we were able to refine the brand round by round.


The result -
80% women

The tests were successful and the developed positioning is still bearing fruit today. With a female quota of around 80%, exactly the target group which was focused on has been reached. In addition, the owners received feedback that new members in the competitive crossfit market have specifically chosen the Pottbox and the group community. 

Anyone who visits Pottbox today can feel it right from the first moment: We achieve your goals! We make you stronger! We're at your side! After all, this is experienced by each individual there.

Podcast Episode with Crossfit Pottbox

Want to learn more about the project? Listen to the podcast episode with Crossfit Pottbox and get even more details about the joint project as well as the challenges that had to be solved. (German)

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