The Brand Gap

Marty Neumeier's
German Version

THE BRAND GAP is the brand bible for modern branding. The book was published in 2003, has been read 25 million times and is therefore one of the absolute bestsellers in the field.

In order to also introduce the reader to the 5 ways of brand development in the German area, Marcel Schubert (Managing Director of burnt) worked together with Marty Neumeier on the German edition published in 2022.

In the introduction to the 2022 German edition, Marty Neumeier discusses, among other things, the developments since 2003 and explains why the book is more relevant today than ever before. Marcel Schubert adds a preface with reference to the German market. We hope that this book will also inspire German-speaking companies to look at brand, branding and marketing from a different angle.

Our Brand Strategy Sprint® and the Branding Sprint® are based on Marty Neumeier's 5 Ways to Brand Development – differentiation, collaboration, innovation, validation and cultivation.

Die deutsche Fassung von The Brand Gap inkl. neuem Vorwort von Marty Neumeier und Marcel Schubert.
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