My name is Marcel and I am the CEO and Brand Strategist of the disruptive branding agency burnt.

We position start-ups & scale-ups as a brand so that their competitors and copycats are outmaneuvered, they become the first choice for their customer and employee target group, can charge higher prices, and thus scale sustainably and strategically as a strong brand.

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The Brand Gap

The book THE BRAND GAP is written by global brand guru Marty Neumeier and was published in 2003. This book has been read over 25 million times and is considered a global bestseller within the branding & branding world. Many large and well-known brands have been inspired by this book, and although it is from 2003, it is more relevant today than ever before.

Together with Marty Neumeier, I worked on the German edition of THE BRAND GAP, including a new foreword by Marty Neumeier and me for the German-speaking region.

Branders Magazine

In the American magazine BRANDERS, it's all about how brands can position themselves successfully today. I had the opportunity to write an article for the magazine about how important the target customer group is for successful brand building.

Workwise Interview

In the Workwise interview, I talk about why the majority of employer branding campaigns fall flat.