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FAQ Branding Sprint
Be the yellow dot.
Be the yellow dot.


01: Who is the branding sprint for?

Our branding sprint is for start-ups and SMEs who want to reposition themselves. Existing brands strengthen their positioning with the branding sprint or develop their product(s) further. The user testing in the branding sprint gives you the assurance that the strategy developed could be successful.

02: Can 4 days really deliver the quality?

Yes, because we focus together on the problem, developing solutions and brand positioning. We prepare the sprint for 14 days and hold a discovery workshop with you. After the branding sprint, we optimize the brand prototypes during a further 4 days. So in total we are working for you for 4 weeks. You can optionally book additional weeks.

03: How many hours does a day run to?

We plan around 8 hours each for the two sprint workshop days with you.

04: How many can participate in the sprint?

We know from experience that the best results are obtained with 3-8 participants.

05: Can we continue to work together after the sprint?

Yes! After we have developed the brand prototype together, we can jointly move the brand forward.

06: What if the test is negative after 4 days?

The branding sprint was developed in order to uncover possible negative results in good time - i.e. before the launch. The strategy and positioning can be quickly adapted and optimized after the target group test.

07: How are the testers selected?

In the Discovery Workshop we focus very much on who the target group should be or already is. Based on the results, we select the right, neutral users. We also bring in colleagues from market research.

08: Where does the sprint take place?

Worldwide. Since we develop brands internationally, there are no limits to our branding sprint. We work remotely and analogously at your location or at our agency. If the sprint takes place at your location, only the travel expenses are added.

09: We are already positioned. Can we develop further in an agile way

Yes! The branding sprint is designed to be suitable for repositioning and developing your brand. Thus you can strengthen the brand or test new services and products extremely rapidly. You can also carry out regular sprints with us via framework agreements in order to further develop your brand in an agile manner.

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