In just 4 days, we will develop validated brand strategies with you that really work.

Be the yellow dot.
Be the yellow dot.
In just
4 days

Your validated strategy to become a favorite brand

A well-founded brand strategy is your way to sustainable success as a favorite brand. The strategy defines your brand, the corporate goals, your consumers and their needs. Do you want to invest your budget and time in a branding strategy that could be really successful? 

Rest assured: we’ll develop a brand strategy with you during our branding sprint and test it directly on the target group. So we’ll already know after 4 days whether the strategy will work. You will have saved time and money because you’ll know early on whether you are on the right track and are offering what your target customers are really looking for.

Our branding sprint is the solution for today's agile brands.

Day 1
Business to
Day 2
Customer to
Day 3
Brand Prototype
Day 4
Customer Test
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The result:
Clarity and certainty

The branding sprint saves you months of work and high costs, because you know right from the start whether the developed strategy can be successful or not. You receive a clear brand strategy and a brand prototype that has been tested on the target group. This is the concept for the further development of your brand – internally, externally or with us. The brand prototype contains the solution, the message, the design and the experience for your desired target group.  

If you are already a brand, you can use the branding sprint to sharpen it and thus remain sustainably agile and innovative.

Who is it for?

Who is our branding sprint for?


Brand building and positioning

For start-ups that want to gain access to markets with a validated brand strategy.


Brand strategy and repositioning 

For companies that want to develop their brand, reposition themselves or market a new product.


Agile and relevant further development

For brands that want to be more agile in order to strengthen their position. Our framework contracts are an exciting way to go about this, as they contain several sprints over a period of 12 months.


In-house design and marketing departments 

For in-house design and marketing departments that want to further develop the brand based on our tested brand prototype.

Use our branding sprint to talk to your customers.